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What we do

Our main reason for being here is to help you sew much more and sew much better, which we do through our courses, workshops, the shop and online. We also sell our own range of handmade products, which includes a collection of bags, cushions, aprons, and lampshades as well as smaller gift items. If you have a request for something - as long as it involves fabric - just ask.

Ours is a small business that we set up because we enjoy it. Our shop is at 24, Brunswick Street, Teignmouth for all your quality haberdashery needs and, of course, sewing workshops. Whether you're already sewing or just getting the bug, feel free to pop in to our bright and cheery shop for a natter - we're open Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm.

For beginners, we have fun workshops to learn the basics and make some great home projects, or we can introduce you to the beginnings of dressmaking. If you're just starting in sewing, we can give you impartial guidance on the kind of sewing machine that would suit you. We don't sell them, but we know people who do. We can set you up with all the other basic equipment you need to get going.

If you are already sewing but looking to enhance what you do, we have a range of more advanced workshops where you can sharpen your skills or learn new techniques.

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What's new

Old sewing machines wanted
Do you have an old, unwanted, hand-powered sewing machine? We may be able to give it a new home, rather than seeing it go to the tip, which is the sad fate of many. Early electric models also considered. By early we mean all-metal construction and probably no later than the 1950s or 60s.

Online shop - We have added an online shop to our site, where you can browse and order from our range of fabrics. We will be adding other products from our made-to-order range over the next few weeks. ONLINE SHOP

Patchwork - We started beginners' patchwork & quilting courses in March and have increased our stock of patchwork & quilting materials and tools. See our courses page for more.

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